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September 11, 2017
11 Sep 2017

Podcasting Quick Start December 2017

Podcasting Quick Start December 2017

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 We are going to show you...

checkmarkThe easiest and most trouble-free way to launch your podcast.

checkmarkHow to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes after you launch by setting up your podcast in the best way possible from the get-go.

checkmarkThe key and often overlooked practices that will make your podcast do well in iTunes.

checkmarkThe exact technology that you need, both hardware and software, that won't break the bank.

checkmarkMeasuring and enhancing your growth opportunities so you can stand out above the rest.

Topics That Were Covered:

What is a podcast Noteworthy reasons to podcast Creating a show concept Podcasting hardware and software
Optimal podcasting workflow Getting your show out into the world How to monetize your podcast Getting help if you get stuck

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Expect top notch education from one of the leaders in the industry, with over 10 years of experience.

We want to empower new podcasters with the best knowledge to step into the medium, successfully - FOR FREE.

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Airing on December 6th, 2017

4PM | Eastern

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Meet the Panelist: Krystal O'Connor

Krystal (@kocotech)has worked in technology since the 90's including working in the web hosting space and having run her own successful side business. She began working for Libsyn in December, 2010 providing technical support to podcast producers. Now, Krystal provides technical support, writes and maintains the Libsyn Knowledge Base, produces the video tutorials, manages the Libsyn Tutor YouTube channel, and co-hosts Libsyn Live.

Krystal has also appeared on other podcasts such as Libsyn's The FeedThe Podcasters' Roundtable, and The Podcasters' Studio.

Krystal O'Connor